Our bodies hold our history, our life purpose, and the key to our better health. Health is not reaching one specific pre-conceived state, but the freedom to have options and choice according to our environment. The most important parts of our psyche do not always have the words to describe their experiences and their needs. These experiences are stored in a non-verbal and somatic way. Our brain stem, which stores past trauma, cannot easily differentiate a past threat from a present innocuous similarity that creates a trigger response. These are the parts of our life which appear to be stuck. They do not seem to be able to shift. Healing begins with a sense of safety, and my approach focuses on space, boundaries, and a sense of connection and presence. You will leave feeling more connected to your body, and more settled in your nervous system.

Sessions are usually 90 minutes and includes talking and touch (if you want this), ranging from the lightest touch to deep-tissue release work. I draw on my various trainings and use multiple approaches to meet your specific needs in the session.

I work with babies, children, teens and adults. I love to work with families before and after birth, to prepare and integrate.

“Anne has a strong and loving heart, a clear mind and she brings all of it to her work. She will be really present with you and give you sensitive accurate reflection of where you are. I have seen her always find a way to deepen the connections with her participants, and she does it all with a fun and loving energy. I have much appreciation and respect for her and would absolutely recommend her workshops. I would feel safe to attend and do my own deep work.” – Myrna Martin, MN, RCC, RCST

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy relaxes the nervous system, lessens physical pain and increases mental clarity. This gentle touch is a gateway to a deeply resetting experience of mindfulness. As needed, I will incorporate pressure points on acupuncture meridians, deep-tissue/shiatsu releases, and supported exploration of early memory imprints.

Benefits include:

  • Reduction of physical pain and increased range of motion
  • Deep relaxation and regenerative sessions
  • Increased awareness of health and sense of direction in life

“Thank you Anne for being grounded and present and holding an open space where all feelings are welcome. Your ability to stay present to feelings and somatics without getting pulled into “the story” has been very helpful for me in gaining clarity about boundaries. I am also grateful for the wise insights you have shared with me. They have pointed me to areas to contemplate that I had not considered before and are turning out to be essential in my life.” – BC

More information about Craniosacral Therapy:

A Client’s Introduction to Craniosacral Work

The Breath of Life: A Craniosacral Primer

Pre and Perinatal Therapy

Pre and perinatal work is the most efficient modality I have come across to change lifelong patterns. The focus on attachment and support allows for deep changes that have a concrete effect on the connection we have with ourselves and others in our life. This modality is slow paced. It brings awareness to safety, boundaries, self-care, establishing our resources and developing the support we need to thrive.

The purpose of pre and perinatal therapy, as I practice it, is not to dwell on the past. We only access what was missing in order to overlay a new positive experience. The brain stem part of our brain where the trauma is stored doesn’t differentiate between present and past. We can use it to our advantage. Re-patterning our autonomic nervous system is possible. Safety, connection, support and pacing are key.

“The trust I experience with Anne allows me to dive deeply into preverbal and somatic memories and create new pathways of connection and love. Her capacity for empathy, her clear boundaries and gentle good humor support my expanding awareness and joy. Anne is a trustworthy and skilled guide into this powerful and transformative process.” – ZB

Birth Preparation & Postpartum

I work with families before and after birth using both craniosacral therapy and pre and perinatal therapy.

Prenatal Craniosacral Therapy

Come and relax with me. It is important to to be held, nurtured and supported when we are expecting. The baby is feeling it, and can grow his body and nervous system better.

Pre and Perinatal Therapy Before Birth

Unconscious and un-integrated history will repeat itself. Our own early experiences can be buried deep into the shadows. What were you born into? What unspoken or unresolved emotions were your parents carrying when they carried you into the world? When you are allowing yourself to clear your own history, you are giving your unborn child the gift to be born into a clearer and more coherent world.

People who have made sense of their history ( no matter how disturbing their childhood trauma was), don’t transmit it to their children.

Article on Epigenetics: Grandma’s Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes

Article: How the trauma of life is passed down in SPERM, affecting the mental health of future generations

In preparing for birth, I recommend a minimum of 5 sessions, so that both parents can have a clear turn in exploring their hidden or not so hidden ancestral inheritance and cellular imprints.

Pre and Perinatal Therapy Postpartum

I am available for support when things get harder than they should after baby is born. Sessions support breastfeeding, sleep, and integrating your birth experience.

“My 2 and a half year old son was struggling with constipation for about 6 months. It had reached a point where the only way he would use the bathroom was to use glycerine suppositories, which I used every 3 to 4 days. Anne came over our house for a session. It didn’t look like much. She played with him. They played an up and down game where he was saying “poopoo down”.  Anne also put her hands on him whenever possible. By the end of the day my son used the bathroom.  After the third session with Anne, he became regular (one bowel movement a day).” – KD